Terms Of Service

The following information incorporate www.Biznetmall.com’s Service Agreement and Silesia Group Inc. Terms of Services.

Service Agreement requires to be read by any person who visits, read, or uses the Biznetmall.com website. Use of the website establishes your acceptance of the Agreement and ties the user to bond with the following terms of service and conditions. Anyone who wishes not to be bound by this agreement, you cannot use or access this website.

Any person who wants or intends to purchase or use the services offered by Biznetmall.com, free or paid, must concur or agree with the Terms of Services set henceforth.

Service Agreement

The "Service" provided by Biznetmall.com, in this case the www.Biznetmall.com website, offers virtual assistance and is an online information service that is subject for your compliance with the "Agreement", which is the following terms and conditions. We strongly suggest that you would read this Agreement before you access or use our Service.


The Biznetmall.com website has the intentions to provide and present information about the general knowledge and understanding of the webmaster services and website maintenance that can be bought on this website or by other ways of communication including by telephone or by e-mail. The data provided focuses on the services that a webmaster can provide. The information that is taken from this website is not thorough or complete and it certainly does not cover all the areas, aspects and knowledge with the web development and maintenance industry. Biznetmall.com warrants nothing in the comprehensiveness, completeness, usefulness, timeliness, accuracy or reliability of these information. Biznetmall.com, or the source and provider of the Biznetmall.com website information, makes no warranty against errors, delays, omissions, interruption of loss of data, whether caused by humans or machines.

Ownership and Copyright

All contents of this website is a property of Biznetmall.com, including all the information, text, images, graphics, button icons, logos, video clips, digital downloads and software. This is protected by the United States and International Copyright laws, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, service marks, or other proprietary rights and laws. Except when subsidized or authorized by Biznetmall.com, you are bound to agree not to use the these contents for commercial purposes, such as to rent, sell, license, distribute, transmit, copy, reproduce, publicly display, publish, publicly perform, adapt, edit, or create works that can be derived from its source.

Without violating the above rule, you may be able to keep your own personal copy of the information or the content of this website, whether you chose to print or download it. Provided that you it for a non-commercial purpose and that you secure and keep the entire copyright and other proprietory notices to support your usage. Any process of retrieval of the contents of this site with the purpose of collecting, compiling or creating a database or directory, directly or not directly, is prohibited and not allowed unless a written permission is made by Biznetmall.com. Additionally, all acts, specifically with any use of the information, content or the material in this site , for any purpose not directly permitted by this Agreement, specified or unspecified, is illegal.

When using the Service, it is possible that you may be able to be directed to another site through the hyperlinks that are used. If these links are not part of the Biznetmall.com website, we assume no responsibility in its contents and the information that they contain.

You agree to indemnify, defend, give security for, and hold harmless Biznetmall.com, its employees, including officers, directors and agents, and any third-party providers of material, data and information to the Service from and against all losses, damages and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees which resulted from or caused by any violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by you.

Biznetmall.com,  Terms of Services

Before accepting and working with out webmasters, we required a contract, in which is needed to be followed by you and the company. This contract would include the important details about how our services would work. This would also point out other important information, the price structure, and deadlines for both the project and the invoices.

Non-Solicitation of Employees

Those that employ our services would agree that for the perios of their agreement under contract with Biznetmall.com, and a duration of twelve(12) months after the termination of their services for whatever reason, with or without justifiable cause, shall not indirectly or directly sought to work with our webmasters, encourage them to leave their employment, and recruit them. In other words, they agree never to solicit or recruit our webmasters either for themselves or for any other person or entity.

Limitatation of Liability

As a user of the Biznetmall.com website, you herein agree that you will not hold Biznetmall.com, unless a breach of contract, liable for any loss of data or information, be it due to human or machine errors, delays, omissions or interruptions. You also agree not to assign any claim from this loss.

In no event shall Biznetmall.com be held liable for any damages even such arise in contract, negligence, tort, under statue, in equity, at law or otherwise.