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Patented Technology For Saving 20 - 30 % on electricity for lightning.
Monitoring Systems for Electric Consuption of Lighting - We became Virtual Power Sharing Plant.

We install monitoring Systems for your lights that monitors and saves 20 - 30 % on electricity cost.

Free to you - we get paid from savings on Monthly Basis until your equipment is paid off - monitoring service is required - internet or SMS service.  Installation Charge is required with service contract until equipment is paid off.
You can also purchase our electricity saving devices for any lightning circuits - commercial Factories, large Shopping Malls, Schools and Universities, Municipalities, Airports, Large Transportation facilities, cities and medium size towns.

Our Monitoring and saving devices are widely used in Europe and Asia - Just pay installation by licensed electrical team specializing in installation and you can start savings today.

Because of the results, our service has waiting list of 2 - 3 months - please secure your contract ASAP. Your money waisted for uneconomical lightning is running away every second.

To schedule evaluation for your specific lightning saving area - please contact us ASAP.
$1000 - 50 000.00 per month is being saved every month by our average commercial and industrial customers.

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