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New Model has highly energized glass balls that are10 times stronger and less damage proved.

The Well Wand older model is filled with exclusive 2.5 Million Bovis™ high energy water based gel. The extremely durable polycarbonate tube has a loop at one end to allow attachment to a cord so that it can be lowered into a well to bring the water to a positive Bovis level. The EnerGel™ Well Wand is a great way to raise the energy level throughout your home. Under normal conditions it will take 2 - 3 days for the water to have fully circulated through the home and bring the water to a positive level. 
Energized to 2.5 Million Bovis™ 
Usage: Energize a well. 
Details Weight 1.00 lbs 
A well unit lowered in the house well (below the freeze line) will raise all water entering the house to a positive energy level. 

Offensive odors will be minimized, taste will be sweeter.

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