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Energized Water
Our refreshing spring water originates from a deep underground 100% natural Spring Water located right here in Florida.   This water is first ozonated, a process long considered the most effective purification method.  It then passes through the PX Energy phase, where the molecular structure of the water is enhanced to a highly positive, energized state.  No other drinking water on earth has the energy and the power of Energized Water.  A difference is felt almost immediately as increased energy and alertness.  Experience the quality of life that Energized Water can give you.

Most people start with two bottles, two to four ounces daily, one ounce ( a swallow ) at a time, before four P.M..  This very high energy (850,000 Bovis) therapeutic water can also be used for any chronic degenerative condition by taking six to eight ounces per day ( one ounce at a time ) before four P.M. to turn the fluids within the body to a positive left spin.  Poisons, toxins and pathogens can be safely eliminated by the body when the spin has been changed in this manner.  Five weeks of six to eight ounces per day is all that is required when added to any existing protocol.  Beautiful blood can be observed within two weeks. 

Energy  is sent by the body to priority needs within, whether they be nerve damage, cell damage, lung tissue damage or simply overall energy.  There is no brain barrier to pure natural energy.  Pure water at 90,000 Bovis energy units equaling on half the body weight in ounces (ounce = pound) should be consumed daily, while the Energy water is consumed by the ounce.  Excess energy is thrown away by the body permanently if more than one and one half ounces is consumed at a single time.  A much higher level is attained almost immediately within the body while the body's ability to heal is accelerated.  Exceptional results when used during a water or juice fast!

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Our water comes from a deep underground natural spring located right here in Florida. Energized Water 2 Go - wholesale

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