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Life Time Warranty on the gears.     VIDEO                        INSTRUCTIONS

Gear and chain drive kits for your bike, trike, recumbent, fold up, four wheel road car, tandem, full suspension bicycle, rickshaw or pedi cab. The highest quality, most reliable, most durable, best made, and best performing gear and chain drive kits that money can buy.

NuVinci Models - you can change gears!

nuvinci bike drive
NuVinci Honda GXH50 49.3cc 2.10 hp Four Cycle engine and complete Staton gear and chain drive kit with your choice of the 36 or 32 hole NuVinci hub and your choice of the Satin Silver & black or the Satin Black 2008 model hub along with the CNC machined and zinc plated Torsion bars & straps are included. This engine has 31% more power then a 1.6 hp engine. The GXH50 is the BOMB... When connected with our gear box and the NuVinci hub you would not believe the power and take off you have. It will out run cars at a signal light and have tons of torque in the full 350% range of the hub. You must be sure and install the torsion bars and straps due to the power of this system. You can now remove the engine without splitting the gear box or removing the kit off the bike.

The Full Suspension bike with a front Disc brake shown was bought at a local Target retail store. The Bike is NOT included. The NuVinci hubs can be laced into 20, 24, 26, 27 or 700c rims. Our Inside drive gear & chain drive kit and the NuVinci hub/wheel mounted real nice to this bike.

Your pick of the freewheel for the gear box. Pick from a 16, 18, 20 or 22 tooth. The larger the freewheel sprocket on the gear box the faster your top speed. This is by far the very best Drive system on the market bar none. If you want the best kit on the market this is "IT". Most people will not need the ability to shift gearing with the engine and the pedals, but if you live where it's real hilly or want some thing to ride in about any conditions this is "IT". This engine drives on the Right side of the wheel, driving a 27 tooth solid sprocket, a 18 tooth freewheel is placed on the output shaft of the gear box to allow the gear box to freewheel. The NuVinci Hub has a 2nd sprocket and it is a freewheel allowing your pedals to freewheel when being powered by the engine.

The engine and gear box drives the full 350% range of the NuVinci hub. It's like have a 8 up to 28 tooth sprocket. In the Low range you can climb up a very steep grade or go off road, then shift the hub into the higher range and attain a fast top speed on level ground. At 7,000 rpm's low range is around 8 mph but you have tons of torque and the top speed is about 35+ using a 18 tooth freewheel on the gear box with a 26 inch wheel. Keep in mind, just because you can go fast it's not safe. With the Over drive you can slow the engine rpm's down and still have a fast top speed. We offer several different sprockets ratios for different sizes of wheel and different applications. The larger the freewheel sprocket on the gear box the faster your top speed. The kit includes the 410H chain, two 1/8 inch master links, one 3/32 inch master link for you pedal chain, gear box mounting brackets and NuVinci controls.

We have sold these NuVinci hubs since Feb 2007. We have a couple of customers that use a 4.2 hp engine and have had them now for many months. In the low range it will move with very little throttle. Just enough to engage our brand new GXH50 Super Duty clutch that has a 15.8mm ID, Three extra large shoes, Three super duty custom made clutch springs and CNC machined hub. The bike will move with ease. It would pull any hill that a car could ever climb and then some. You probably can go places where a motorcycle can not, live over a fence! Also you have a lot more control of the speed and can travel at a snails pace when needed. If you stand in front of the bike and ease into the throttle you can NOT hold the bike back... It will push you over. We even tried with two people holding the bike and it still would move with ease. This kit comes with the torsion bars and they must be installed. I rode this bike to the bottom of a boat ramp and it pull a 250 lbs rider up the hill without pedaling. If you are looking to purchase a gear and chain drive kit for your bike, trike, recumbent, fold up, four wheel road car, tandem, full suspension bicycle, rickshaw or Pedi cab and you want the highest quality, most reliable, most durable, best made, and best performing gear and chain drive kit that money can buy – then stop searching. You have found it. Some facts about the Staton Inc. gear and chain drive kits:

Our 18.75 to 1 gear box has a Life Time Warranty on the Gears. If any gear fails EVER we will replace it at no charge. We have many years of our gear box in use and know they are by far the BEST you can buy. Our gear box is by far the very best quality and very, very Quiet. We have current customers who have more than 60,000 + miles on our gear boxes and they are still running strong. Our gear box will NEVER need replaced and it's made to last a Life Time and them some.

 Made in the USA. We have been building our highest quality gear and chain drive kits since 1984. Depending on the size of the rider, riding conditions, sprocket, wind, road condition, and a top speed of 35 + mph is attainable with a 18 tooth on the gear box and a 27 tooth on a 26 inch wheel. Features of the gear and chain drive kit includes the following: The  custom gear box (made in the USA ) has six high speed double sealed ball bearings, ½ inch thick gears with a Life Time Warranty, a 5/8 inch output shaft with a 3/16 inch key way, snap ring grooves to hold the drive sprocket securely in place and a centrifugal clutch. The advantage of both the 27 tooth solid and the 18 tooth freewheel both drive the hub and you drive from all the spokes, and the sprocket remains perfectly centered, at all times.

The gear box has a freewheel sprocket and this allows the engine driven sprocket to freewheel. Unlike other kits they "bolt" a sprocket or pulley to 5 to 12 spokes. They are not centered, they pull, break and bend the spokes then your wheel falls apart. Belts cost money, hard to change and break in just a few hundreds of miles. The right side axle is a Double "D" 13mm Round x 10mm flats. The left side axle is a Double "D" 10mm Round x 8mm flats. No gears to fear with the NuVinci hub. Best, smoothest-adjusting-ratio hub ever produced Uses a set of rotating spheres to transfer torque from pedals to the road Effortlessly glides between an infinite number of ratios Simple twist control for smooth, easy progressive changes in ratio Change ratios any time, even while stopped or going uphill. No missed gears, jerks, thumps, hesitations or noise Dependable, performance unaffected by weather, dirt or mud. The hub comes with a 16 tooth freewheel, but you buy - install a 17, 18, 19, 20 or 22 for a extra charge.

The inner cables and twist control mounting hardware is included, Right hand only. Drop out width 135 mm Chain-Line is about 52 mm NuVinci Hub weight is about 7 lb 5 oz Brake Options Rim, The hub has Six (5m x .80 threaded metric drilled - tapped holes) for a Disc or Roller style brake. Note: The brake does not come with the hub but the hub does include the 6 hole mounting bracket as shown. Make sure your bike frame has the correct drop outs. You must make sure the NuVinci hub does not spin in your drop outs. The axle MUST be held tight. The axle wants to turn CCW in the 5% under drive and the higher range the axle wants to turn CW - forward. Read more about the NuVinci hub on our web site.

Call or email us if you do not understand. Be sure and look at the NuVinci CVP Torsion Bar Set to see how to install then and they come with the kit and must be installed. You may need the 5 inch or 8 inch extension bracket, if so be sure and add it to your order. A perfectly centered sprocket increases performance throughout the entire rpm range as well as reducing noise, vibration and harshness. The contents of the standard Staton Inc. gear and chain drive kit includes One: throttle cable and finger - thumb lever, One: remote stop switch, One: 98 links ½ inch x 1/8 inch 410H Silver KMC Z Chain Two: ½ inch x 1/8 inch master links - connecting links One: ½ inch x 3/32 inch master link One: 27 tooth sprocket. One: For the gearbox, we include one 18 tooth freewheel sprocket and it comes with our custom CNC machined adaptor. One: Chain and sprocket guard for the inside drive gear box. Our kits include most all mounting brackets, hardware and instructions. Note: If you have a 26 inch wheel, we do sell 26 inch wheels that are laced up and ready to ship. Be sure and add the style of rim to your shopping kart if you want the complete pre built wheel and ready to install. Other wise have your local bike shop re lace your own rim.




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