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Geobiology / Geopathic Stress and its effect on Human Health
Problems and Solutions

Research has shown Geopathic Stress is mainly caused by narrow paths of running water about 200 to 300 ft below ground. This creates an electromagnetic field, which disturbs the earth’s natural vibrations in particular, the beneficially 7.83 Hz (cycle per second) Alpha vibrations (confirmed by NASA). The Alpha vibrations can be as high as 250 Hz in very Geopathic Stressed people. The USA scientist George Lakowsky confirmed in the ’30;s that humans (and animals) have less chance of fighting bacteria and viruses at higher than normal vibrations.

One method, by far the most common, is to dowse for these negative lines on the property and map them to show direction of flow and intersection points. These intersection or crossing points are the most dangerous areas to human health. The energy crosses create a counter-clockwise spin which is extra toxic to our systems. In days past the cure was to move beds and chairs off of cross points. You never want to spend a lot of time on the cross point. Later solutions involve earth acupuncture, or placing rods into the ground to intersect and bounce the energy before it can reach the house or grounds. This requires a thorough assessment along the perimeter of the property and a blocking of all negative energies which flow into the area. Care must be taken to determine where lines are entering and to block four types including: negative Geopathic Stress lines, negative Hartman lines, Human negative energy lines and Personal Negative energy lines.

Gepoathic Stress is the only common factor in most serious and long term illnesses and psychological conditions.
It was proved to the satisfaction of the medical profession over 70 years ago and in millions of cases ever since, that Geopathic Stress is very detrimental to human health.

Thousands of medical doctors and therapists now confirm that any Geopathic Stress (GS) must be cleared before any treatment can be 100% successful.

The most common indications of GS are :- Resistance to medical treatment, a feeling of being run-down and exhausted, nervousness, depression, loss of appetite, pallor and not wanting to go to bed and when in bed: insomnia, restless sleep, feeling cold, cramps, tingling in arms and legs, sleep walking, grinding of teeth and nightmares.
When waking in the morning often feeling fatigued, with a muzzy head and backache. Children are often bed wetting and babies continuously crying.

GS does not cause an illness, but lowers your immune system, so you have less chance of fighting any illness. GS also prevents your body properly absorbing vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc. from your food (and supplements) and often making you allergic to food, drinks and environmental pollution.

What is Geopathic Stress?
Geopathic Stress is the Earths vibrations which rise up through the Earth and are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The vibration distorted becomes abnormally high and harmful to living organisms.

There are four lines of geopathic energy which can be detected and neutralized. The Hartmann Grids and Geopathic Zones adversely affect the cellular structure of living organisms. Interference Zones and Personal Zones affect one's emotions and objectives. Personal Zones may also affect one's physical health.

Hartmann Grids were discovered in 1950 by a German medical doctor, Ernst Hartmann. The lines form a grid around the earth, running north to south and east to west, and extend to a height of 60 to 600 feet. The north-south lines appear approximately every 6' 6", and the east-west lines appear approximately every 8' 2". According to Dr. Hartmann, the worst place that a person can sleep or work is over a Hartmann knot, where two Hartmann lines cross, as harmful radiation is intensified at this juncture.

Geopathic Zones have a range of influence from 2 to 200 feet, and reach a height of 600 to 30,000 feet. Their direction is random and may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Geopathic zones can also be man made. These would include electromagnetic fields which emanate from such structures as high tension wires or satellite towers.

Personal Zones are also random in direction, with a variable range of influence and height. These zones produce energies that uniquely effect an individual on a personal level. Simply stated, they produce an energy that grates on the energy of any given person, producing a chronic subtly annoying and irritating effect. Animals are also affected by these zones.

Interference Lines, as with Personal Zones, are random in direction, with a variable range of influence and height, and produce an energy which interferes with one's personal goals

How do I know if I'm Geopathic stressed?

If you cannot shake off an illness, depression or feel below par, ask yourself:

1 Did my health problem begin shortly after moving into this home or place of work?

2 Do I feel better when I am away from the home or place of work?

3 Do any of my family feel uneasy about the ‘atmosphere’ at home?

4 Did the previous occupant’s suffer from any serious or long term illness?

5 Does the illness seem to be worse during autumn or spring or wet stormy weather? (When underground water may be flowing at higher velocity)

6 Were there any nearby disturbances, which may have caused underground water veins to flow into different channels under my house prior to my illness? (landslides, building and road work, working quarries and mines etc)

7 Does my home or any part of it feel unnaturally cold or damp?

How to avoid GEOPATHIC STRESS thereby preventing the majority of cases of :

• Cancer, M.E., Asthma, P.M.S., Cot Death & Heart problems.
• Long-term physical & mental illnesses where present treatment does not seem to work.
• Children who are hyperactive - have learning difficulties - difficult to control.
• Children born with defects.
• Long-term stress in relationship/at work.
• Miscarriage, premature birth, not able to conceive & difficult pregnancies.
• Allergy to food & drinks.
• Child Abuse.
• Road Rage

Geobiology is a study of the influence of "earth energies" on all forms of life. The earth is threaded with energy lines or meridians of electromagnetic energy which have a powerful influence on living things. Scientists have proven this invisible energy passes through all matter, affecting every living system on the planet, in either a negative or positive way. Man is an electromagnetic creature with every cell in the living system an electrical battery. The electrical system is reflected even more subtly as the human aura which is a photographable and measurable electrical field.

Recognizing these phenomena, geobiologists work to ensure that the area where people live in is clear of "geopathic stress" or zones of energy which conflict with, or cause harm to living organisms. People correctly assume that this work is similar to the oriental practice of "feng shui". The main difference is that the geobiologist works with dowseable negative energy lines and fields which he or she then interrupts or neutralizes to clean up the environment. This may be termed energy balancing and it address only those negative aspects which harmfully interact with the electromagnetic world around our biomagnetic bodies. So, bodily stress is often caused by a geobiological stimulus; thus the term geopathic stress.

A partial list of Geopathic Stress would include sleep disorders, tingling, numbness and or pain in arms and legs, chronic fatigue, aching and swelling, dizziness, frequent headaches, vision problems, disorientation, memory loss, instability, stress, nausea, inability to heal, allergies, problematic menstrual cycles, anxiety, listlessness, resistance to medical treatment, inability to absorb vitamins and minerals, ADD, hyperactivity, depression and a general feeling of malaise.

In order to understand this, simply visualize the "negative to human" energy zones, as areas which upset the electromagnetic and auric field of the body and thus compromise the human mental and or immune systems.

The Scientific Community is definitely aware. Scientific statements include:

Duhlwich Health Society. Rolf Gordon, 120 Gipsy Hill, London SE191PL.
Research confirms. . . 90% of all cancers of cervical, breast and lung are confirmed as Geopathic Stress. In nearly all cases of suicide, Geopathic Stress was present. Suffering released when Geopathic Stress free.

Dr. Otto Bergmann. Professor at University of Austria.
989 people tested over two years. 462,421 measurements taken in 6,942 individual tests. Blood sedimentation, electric conductance of muscle points, blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing, skin resistance and blood circulation. Determination: Dire consequences with exposure to Geopathic Zones over many years.

Dr. Palle Gad. Surgeon in Aahus Denmark.
SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 14 of 18 deaths attributed to cribs in Geopathic Zones. Following law of averages only 1 to 2 should have been found in Geopathic Stressed places. Over 3,000 SIDS deaths in Britain per year. How many in the United States?

Dr. Enid Worsch. Professor. 1990
Of about 600 cancers cases, less than 5% had no connection with Geopathic Stress.

Dr. E. Hartmann. Over 30 years of practice.
CANCER IS A DISEASE OF LOCATION triggered off by Geopathic Stress. We all produce cancerous cells on a regular basis but they are continuously destroyed by our body's immune system. Geopathic Stress does not cause cancer but weakens our immune system.

Roger A. Rose. FIMCS, MAA, MS, BIO-Med, Dunstable England
Over 50 M.E. sufferers in last 3 years (Myalic Encephlomyelilis: Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome). All M.E. patients are geopathicly stressed. Must be addressed before progress can be made. Geopathic stress attacks the immune system. Spleen and Thyroid are nearly always found weak.

Van Pohl... the "Grand Old Man" of Geopathic Stress.
Estimated in the 1920's that 8% of all places were Geopathically Stressed.

In light of this growing body of information it is time we begin to address and offer solutions to the problem of geopathic stress. We are addressing these "negative to human" energy lines in an effort to make our living and working environments safer.

Long Life
It is estimated your chances of living beyond mid-seventy is 90% unless you are Geopathic Stressed (not taking into account accidents, smoking, heavy users of drugs and bad diet).

Remember Geopathic Stress does not cause any illness, but lowers your immune system and your ability to fight off viruses and bacterium.

Feng Shui
Most people who deal with Feng Shui realise GS is the first thing to check for to ensure a ‘happy home’.

Geopathic Stress and Sleep
Sleeping in a GS place is particularly stressful, as a large area of your body is exposed to the GS. Also most people sleep during the night, when the GS is stronger. During sleep your brain is supposed to rest half the time and is busy healing your body the other half. However, if you are GS during sleep your brain has to spend all of it’s time working due to the strain of GS and you wake up tired.

The 1 sq. meter (10 sq. ft.) you sleep on and therefore spend about one third of your life on, must be free from Geopathic Stress.

During sleep your brain does your body’s ‘housekeeping’ including creating 80% of your new cells, giving the right signals for your body to operate properly and absorb the correct level of vitamins and minerals together with adjusting hormone balance. GS will interfere with this process and leave your immune system weak. All these body functions will usually become normal very quickly after GS has cleared out of your system.

What Does Geopathic Stress Do To People Or Pets?

Your Health is like a bucket.

which gradually gets filled up with things harmful to your life. Geopathic Stress could fill up 50%. It then gets filled up by bad diet, unhealthy food additives, physical and mental strain from accidents, psychological trauma, smoking, excess drinking, strained relationships with other people, effects from illness, or death in the family, work, financial pressure, effects from electromagnetic fields and other environmental pollution etc.

Suddenly your bucket overflows and you get a serious illness.

Take the Geopathic Stress away, and your bucket may only be 50% full and your immune system will strengthen, enabling you to cope with e.g. E’Coli, power lines and all the other things listed above.

Many people seem to think we are getting more and more affected by Geopathic Stress. This is true, but mainly because we are filling up the bucket quicker by adding Pollution, etc.

Most hospital nurses will tell you some beds have a ‘reputation’ where patients, who occupy them, seem to have more difficulty in recovering or where the death rate is higher. The beds are GS.

Cars and industrial vehicles parked overnight in a GS place can lead to drowsiness aggressive driving, backaches and car sickness for the occupant.

A combination of you being GS and your car having been parked in a GS place can cause road rage, which had been shown in USA to be responsible for a large percentage of road accidents.

Geopathic stress, sick buildings syndrome, black lines, Lung Mai (earth meridians) whatever we call them, they do exist in the very ground that you and your family live and work over.

Geopathic stress has been found to be a common factor in most serious and long term illnesses, and psychological conditions. Research suggests that 85% of people that are suffering ill health are sleeping over a Geopathic Stressed area.  What exactly is Geopathic Stress? Geopathic Stress (GS) or harmful earth rays, is natural radiation which rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities.  The wavelengths of the natural radiation disturbed in this way become harmful to living organisms.

It is a known fact that Geopathic stress causes depression and health concerns.

GS lowers your immune system and your ability to fight off viruses and bacterium.  While we are sleeping, the body is meant to be at rest and it is through rest, that it can do its repair work on body cells, fight infections, and absorb nutrients from the food eaten that day.  However, when we are sleeping over a Geopathic Stress area, the body has to use all its energy to just keep its vital organs going and therefore the immune system is lowered.  We cannot absorb our nutrients or fight off infections when the body is in a stressed condition. The most common indications of GS are resistance to treatment (conventional or alternative), feeling run down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, pallor, allergies, insomnia, restless sleep, migraine, feeling cold, cramps, tingling in arms and legs, sleep walking, grinding teeth, nightmares, fatigue, headaches on waking or fuzzy heads or just a feeling of bad luck (“it always happens to me”). GS can cause miscarriages, behavioral problems in children and adults, and influence infertility.

Doctors have shown in tens of thousands of cases, that all their patients who got cancer, were GS. Also it is very difficult to treat cancer if your immune system is continuously lower by being GS. It has also been pointed out that cancer tumors almost always first developed where two or more Geopathic Stress lines crossed.
“One is unlikely to develop cancer unless one has slept or stayed for long periods in Geopathic Stress places”

People who are Geopathic Stressed can affect other people even from a distance, especially near family.

Back Pain is very often due to Geopathic Stress.

Post-Viral Fatigue
Geopathic Stress is nearly always present if you suffer from M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyeltis). It usually starts off with you getting a virus such a glandular fever, an emotional shock or accident. A well-known practitioner has treated many sufferers of M.E. and claims a very high success rate. He has found all M.E. patients are Geopathic Stressed and maintains this must be addressed before any progress can be made with M.E. as well as other illnesses. The GS attacks the immune system and the spleen and thyroid are nearly always found weak.

The symptoms of M.E. - Myalgic Encephalomyeltis include:
Sever muscle pain and fatigue, exhaustion following even the smallest exertion, be it physical or mental. Headaches, dizziness, inability to concentrate, over-sensitivity to temperature change. Irritability, lack of patience, complete and utter wretchedness, to name but a few.

P.M.S Many women do not realise their monthly periods are more troublesome than they need be, because they are GS.

Geopathic Stress & Children

Children do not thrive in GS, and are often hyperactive and allergic inc. asthma and eczema.

Kathe Bachler, the famous researcher, surveyed over 3000 school children and showed 95% of children with learning difficulties, hyperactive tendencies or continuous bad behavior, either slept or had their school desks (or both) in strong GS places. When she moved the children into stress free places, they nearly all showed a marked improvement often going from bottom to top of their class in one term.

A very high proportion of children who continuously play truant or who are refused places in ordinary schools due to misbehavior, are GS. Class teachers in GS schools have a high rate of absenteeism.

About 80% of parents or guardians who abuse their children badly are GS.

GS during childhood can make you particularly sensitive to GS for the rest of your life.

Babies will sleep very badly in GS places. Many confirm, including University Medical research Teams. that over 90% of babies, who died of Cot Death, had been sleeping in GS places.

When sleeping in a GS place during pregnancy it can contribute to an unhealthy newborn baby.  Research has shown that 90% of babies, who died of cot death, had been sleeping in GS places. Children sleeping in GS do not thrive, and are often hyperactive and allergic, including asthma and eczema.

They may bed wet, have learning difficulties at school or behavioral problems. GS is a major factor contributing to cancer.  One is unlikely to develop cancer unless one has slept or stayed for long periods over GS.  Cancer tumors almost always first develop where two or more GS lines cross.  We nearly all produce cancerous cells on a regular basis, but they are continuously destroyed by the body's immune system.  It is very difficult to treat cancer when GS is lowering the immune system.

We have heard it hundreds of times, "We have felt uncomfortable ever since we moved into this house/flat, our health has deteriorated and our previously happy family has become miserable". So even though you have never heard of Geopathic Stress, you may have felt the effects of it. The outcome has often been that you have moved home again at great expense. That is why houses badly affected by Geopathic Stress come on the market more often than houses, which have none or very little stress. Have you ever wondered why you felt uneasy when you walked into a particular room or why?

Most people in certain houses are always ill? Most likely it is due to Geopathic Stress. GS is present in the majority of people who are depressed, suicidal, and apparently about 70% of people who get divorced (one or both spouses).

First of all GS will reduce your ability to create new life. It is estimated that over 90% of women who cannot conceive, they or their partners are sleeping in a GS place and in over 50% of cases it is the main cause of being infertile (except in cases of STDs). Natalie had tried to conceive for 15 years. She moved her bed and favourite chair out of GS places and is now pregnant. If you are then sleeping in a GS place during pregnancy it can be a major contributory factor in miscarrage or an unhealthy new-born baby.

The approximately 25,000 eggs a baby girl is born with, will be affected by Geopathic Stress, if you as a mother are GS during pregnancy. So GS may affect your grandchildren!

What's Affecting Your Home...

These blocked meridians are found everywhere.  When they run underneath a house it can have devastating effects.  In the early years of this century a German Dowser, Baron Von Pohl, developed a scale to analyze the strength and effects of these blocked meridians or “Black streams” as they are commonly referred to on the human body. The scale rates from 1 – 16. With the following effects:

   4 - No effects.

   5 - 6 Obesity and swelling of joints, headaches, sleep problems, anxiety,

   7 - 8 Mental disorders, paranoia, schizophrenia obsessions, addictions, psycho sexual disorders, suicides and location specific depressions.

   9 + Cancer, Leukemia, Multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, Parkinson's disease and many other wasting and paralyzing disorders of all types. Chorines disease; candidacies; Down's syndrome and other congenital genetic disorders.   (There are also other factors involved such as an individual's toxin levels, that also affect general health).

Disorders commonly have a Geopathic stress component include insomnia and nightmares, sudden infant death syndrome, infertility, myalgic encephalomyelitis (post viral fatigue syndrome), migraine, asthma, eczema, arthritis and rheumatic disorders, and many other chronically depleted immune system conditions. Baron Von Pohl even came to the conclusion that every single disease of humanity can be linked to black streams with the exception of gout. In addition to these meridians there is also a system of global grids that can also cause disease, but on the positive side there are also some that can reverse the effects and even help us to develop ourselves.

How Do I Know If I Am Suffering From Geopathic Stress?

Cats, owls, snakes, slugs, and snails are attracted to black streams, and a cat's favorite sleeping place (in the absence of an obvious source of warmth) is very often a sure clue to the location of a black stream (Geopathic stress) crossing.  Insects, parasites, bacteria, and viruses also thrive on black streams, and ant and wasps nests invariably provide a similar clue.

In the vegetable world clues include lightning struck trees dead or stunted gaps in hedges and avenues of trees, infertile fruit trees, cankers, and strangely twisted trees (usually in the direction of current flow). Fruit trees are the most sensitive, while oaks, redwoods and ashes are more resilient, and elders seem to be positively attracted.

Lawns will often betray bare patches, moss, silver weed and fungi, while vegetable gardens will reveal stunted or mutated growth, especially along the edge lines of the black streams.  Ivy, bindweed, nettles, docks, thistles, foxgloves, ferns and nightshades are naturally attracted, and indeed the appropriate medicinal herbs for a sick person are usually to be found in the garden along the path of a black stream running through their bed

Other clues include piles of rubbish, cracks in glass, brick and plaster work, recurring mechanical and electrical breakdowns, water leaks, derelict areas, and accident black spots both within the home and outside. Fruit and vegetables, grain, ale, cheese, jam, wine and photographic film will all spoil quickly when stored on a black stream

“One is unlikely to develop cancer unless one has slept or stayed for long periods in Geopathic Stress places”


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