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Friction Drive Kit Complete less the Engine. Made in the USA.

Friction Drive Kit Complete less the Engine. Made in the USA.
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Weight: 10 lbs

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Clutch Rotor - Drum Size : 76mm clutch rotor - 78mm Clutch Drum
52mm clutch rotor - 54mm Clutch Drum
Drive Roller Size : .930" 32DP
1" 32DP
1-1/8" 32DP
Style : Rear Mount
Front Mount
Engine Brand - Size : Robin Subaru EH035
Tanaka PF-4000
Mitsubishi TLE43 or TLE33
Honda GX35 or GX31
China made or non Listed engine
Robin Subaru EH025
Mitsubishi TL23
Honda GX22 or GX25
LEHR Propane 25cc
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Friction Drive, Rear or Front Mount Kit less the engine & kill switch. 

If you want a front mount kit for a trike be sure and click on the front mount kit. 

Engine NOT Included.


Incluced in this kit:

One: Custom made 60" long throttle cable with the small lever & #16 mini hose clamp.

Four: 8” long Black Nylon ties to secure the throttle cable and kill switch wire to the frame.

Two: ¼” x ¾” x 15” long Aluminum flat bar, CNC machined and Black Anodized.

One: Alloy Skewer - Quick Release, 5m -.80 x 161mm with channel spacers and hardware.

One: "U" Bracket with backer plate, zinc plated with hardware

Four: 6mm x 1.0 Hex Head Bolts 8.8 grade bolts.

One: Engine Spacer, CNC machined and made out of steel, zinc plated.  This keeps water from getting into the clutch rotor, more secure mounting of the engine and used for safety.

One: 76 mm Clutch Drum with 1/2" Hole or 54 mm CLutch Drum with the 12 mm x 1.50 female threads.

One: 1/4" thick Aluminum Extrusion channel that is CNC machined and Anodized Black.

(not a bent thin piece of steel like the others that have tried to copy my product)

Two 5/8” ID x 1-3/8" OD x 7/16" wide High Speed Double Sealed Ball Bearings with retaining ring.

We use one High Speed Double Sealed Ball Bearing on each side of the Drive Roller to support it and remove all the pressure off the engine.

Rear mount kits will come with a 60" long throttle cable with the small black lever and hose clamp.

Front mount kits will come with a 30" long throttle cable with the small black lever and hose clamp.

NOTE:  The Kill Switch no longer comes with the kit. 

This kit includes everything except the engine & kill switch

If you would like to order a kill switch, click on one of the links below to add them to your order.

Your pick of the drive roller is listed here.  .930", 1",  or 1-1/8".

If you have a 1.60HP Engine and up to 280 lb. rider, mostly flat ground and some rolling hills the 1-1/8" drive roller is the one to pick.  Lighter riders will take off faster and it will pull the hills better.  You allways can pedal the bike at any time.  If you have a LEHR Propane 25cc
pick the .930" Drive roller.
If you have a Honda GX25 or Robin Subaru EH025 pick the .930" Drive roller.

Your pick of the 54 mm clutch drum with the 12 MM x 1.50 female threads or 78 mm clutch drum with the 1/2" hole & engine spacer for the engines that are listed on the web site plus some others.

Be sure and let us know if you have the Robin Subaru EH025 or EH035, TANAKA PF-4000 Tanaka 33 & 35 cc, Mitsubishi TL23 22.6cc, TLE33 33cc, or TLE43 42.7cc, Honda GX22, Honda GX25, Honda GX31, Honda GX35, LEHR  Propane 25cc and some of the China made engines.

Note: We can only make a throttle cable for the engines that we sell or know what type of throttle cable you need. 

If you have a China made engine or one that is not listed, you will get a cable and a #48 brass end for you to solder onto the cable. 
Measure twice, cut once!!!

If you want to use the Honda GXH50 you will have to add the parts below.

Throttle cable Assembly for Honda GXH50 QXA - is available


Honda GXH50 QXA Clutch Adaptor kit.