See True America - see it from Big Truck!

From Florida to California
Coast to Coast
In Big Truck

This is service for tourists who want to travel across America in a Big Commercial Truck with Professional American Truck Driver.

Where we go
 We start from Florida and we travel to California and then back to east coast and back to Florida.

How much is it
The regular price is $1200.00 - Check our specials here

Who travels with us
 This service is used mostly by tourists from other countries however we have lot of Americans who like to see the country by traveling with professional over the road drivers. This servise is avilable only for one person at a time.

How much time
It takes about 4 -5 days from Florida to California, we stop for one day on the west coast for loading and reloading. In case there is shortage of load we have to wait longer.
Then we go back to east coast - about 4 - 5 days . We get unloaded and we go back to Florida - 2 days. The trip can take from 10 - 15 days - depends on traffic and loads availability.

What you need
You need clothes fom 2 weeks - laundry is available on the way. You can take some books - it is long way to go! Almost everybody take cameras, video cameras and professional tourists take lop tops to write about the trip.
You are responsible for your own meals and lodging however one bad in the truck is available and can be used for those who can save on motels.

What documents you need

All tourists from outside USA need valid visa, passports and your own insurance. Americans need insurance - we do not accept anybody without invalid insurance.
Travel Agents receive 10 % Discount - requirement - our home page must be on your web site.

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